Easy weight loss solutions for no nonsense weight loss

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You Can Follow A Diet As Long As You Want (Or Need)

Yes you can. I don’t know why so many people are confused about this. When you go on a diet, you restrict the amount of calories you eat and exercise more. As long as you keep on doing that (and adjust your diet according to your NEW WEIGHT) you will loose weight. It is plain hard science.

Though, a caution must be given. The first few pounds you loose when you go on a diet (which go rather quickly) are basically your body’s water weight. The real weight that the body loses is after those first few weeks. If you abandon your effort saying “wow, I have lost 3 kg, now I can relax a bit” then you are committing a huge mistake.

You need to keep on going. No off weeks or even off days (except for a cheat day, but too should contain only healthy foods not just any food, otherwise you run the risk of undoing all your 6 day hard work in a single day).

The Thing about Protein

Ok first things first. Protein DOES make you stronger, EXTRA PROTEIN? does not. You only need a certain amount of protein that is determined by your weight and body structure. If you eat more than that then your body will not be able to process that and utilize its nutrients.

Also, in the wake of eating more protein, you might end up eating more calories which can hinder your efforts of loosing weight. The best weight loss solution therefore is to have a balanced diet and not omit any ONE food source.

If you leave out carbohydrates completely or even protein (or FAT EVEN!!!) then you run the risk of some serious health consequences. It just messes up the chemical balance of your system. You need to have a balanced diet.

You need to get all the nutrients. Carbohydrates are not all bad. Your body does need some in order to function properly. The key is BALANCE. BALANCE is a beautiful thing. Always remember that.

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