Emotional Eating Solutions: Solution 3


If you are going to eat your favorite foods and satisfy your cravings the make sure you do it after a healthy meal which has appropriate amounts of vegetables, meats and healthy fats. If you have had that then your dessert (in other words, your craving food) has a better chance of satisfying your emotions.

A lot of people skip meals and go empty stomach in order to eat their favorite food later which makes matters worse. When you eat sugary foods on empty stomach, it spikes up sugar level in your body and then the sugar levels drops down too. That makes you feel more hungry and you end up going back for second and third serving sof your favorite high calorie food.

Going back for more and more also puts you at the risk of over eating which is always bad, no matter what the food item.  Always remember that there is no harm in satisfying your food needs if you can assure that it won’t be extreme or excessive.

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