Emotional Eating Solutions: Solution 4


Lets just get one thing straight. You should not feel any guilt whatsoever while you are having the food that you love. It will strip each and every drop of enjoyment from your splurge. If you are going to eat what you love, why not eat it with freedom, without having the guilt of getting fat.

Because that will only make you worse. No one should feel guilty of celebrating happiness or handling sadness with food. Hating the fact that you love a particular high calorie food will only make you want another serving of that high calorie food. So in short, when it comes to feeling good after eating a certain food, then you should feel good. Do not worry about guilt you might have inside you.

Move on after you have had your favorite food, do not contemplate over the consequences because that will only make you feel bad about yourself and then you are going to need another high calorie mood changer.

Always remember, diet does not have to be all or nothing. In most cases, it comes down to making smart choices when eating and shopping for food items. Small changes can have a significant effect on your lifestyle. Small changes also have the benefit of having high probability of sticking with your for longer periods.

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