Emotional Eating Solutions

Is this something you want to eat. Go on have a go

Lets deviate from weight loss solutions to emotional eating solutions though the latter is a subset of the former. We have discussed in many previous posts about what Emotional eating is and how can you counter. But if you are one of those who just cannot live without loving food then this post is for you guys.

So here we go.

  • When you want to emotional eat something, ask yourself if you really really really want to eat it or not. If you just really want to eat it then do not eat it. Because it will not satisfy you and hence you will end up eating more of it for now reason at all.

That is basically the danger side of eating something that you do not love. Now a days, these are the lighter versions of your favorite foods. I know I have endorsed lighter versions of your favorite foods in the past, but most people cannot control themselves and hence end up eating both the lighter and the original version of their favorite foods.

Giving yourself something else than your favorite food defeats the purpose of giving yourself a treat. Making yourself happy or rewarding yourself.  It only sets you up for a later pig out which is always bad.

So, even if you are not hungry. You just want to eat something in order to give yourself some pleasure, go for it. If you eat rice cakes instead of other cake that you wanted to eat then not only you are not eating which your body does not need but you are also eating something that does not give you any pleasure. That sucks we all know that.


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