Final Weight Loss Solutions for this series

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Last 8 or 9 posts have been specifically been about the weight loss misconceptions and the weight loss solutions to those weight loss misconceptions. Today is the final post in that series (though, you can bet there will be more to come but under a slightly different theme).

How often should you WEIGH yourself

This is something most people differ about. In fact, this is an area where hardly any two would agree with each other. I also, do not happen to have a preference. It all depends the kind of mentality you have as an individual and your own will power.

If you weight yourself daily, of course you would not see results that you want to see,  as the body does not loose weight that fast. You may get discouraged and loose hope in your weight loss efforts which can lead to you abandoning your diet  and going back to your old diet because of depression and the feeling of disgust with yourself.

Most people have that kind of a reaction because as a society we have been bombarded with the idea of instant results. When we do not get instant results, we loose hope and feel awful. Whereas, in fact that is the whole point of weight loss diets. To make you stick with something for long term (though most fail to achieve this goal).

Whereas, if you have a world class athlete’s discipline then weighing yourself everyday would not be such a bad idea. One would still not see any significant results but that may help the person to tighten up on his diet even more. Increase the intensity and duration of his exercise even more.

It may actually motivate that person to work harder. Sadly, I don’t know a lot of people with that kind of attitude. I myself do not weight myself everyday. Never. It is just too discouraging.

For normal people, what I say is to weigh yourself on a weekly basis. Then, if you have followed your diet and exercise plan, you give your body a lot of time to readjust and shed off some of those extra pounds. When you end up weighing yourself after a week, for sure you would have lost some weight and that might actually motivate you to go on and make another serious effort for the next week as well.

It worked for me and I think it would work for most of the people as this is way more easy then to look at the same scale reading everyday.

I hope the last 6 or 7 posts have helped you to clear some of the myths and facts about weight loss solutions. Not every weight loss solution is for you and there are thousands of weight loss solutions that do suit you. You just need to find them. Either in a book (or a blog like this one) or a magazine.

If you follow these weight loss tips and consistently apply these weight loss solutions to your diet and general lifestyle then there is no reason why you cannot loose weight and keep that weight off.

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