Food Trades: Trade These For Massive Calorie Cuts

Let me just share with you foods (and/or some tricks) that can enable you to make massive calorie cuts in your diet and hence start losing weight.

  • You like a movie don’t you. We all do. You like a popcorn don’t you. We all do. But did you know that those massive sized buttery popcorn available near the movies have something like over 1000 calories. You can easily cut 900 calories if you make your own. Buy a 94 percent fat free variant from any local store (air or microwave pop).
  • Feel like eating a cup cake? You can satisfy your sweet needsĀ  but not buy having a gigantic cup cake. Instead try a smaller one and save around 500 calories.
  • I have posted this tip before but now just to refresh your memory. You can fool yourself into getting slim. Trade in your 12 inch plates with 10 inch ones and research suggests that you are likely to eat 22 percent less food on each meal. Do that for every meal of the day and you can easily cash in on 500 calories less.

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