Food you would not get at the movies


Low calorie food for weight loss

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Who does not like to go to the movies and better than that, who hear doesn’t like to go to movies and have some snacks there as well but before you chill out with you dudes at the local theater, bear in mind these simple notes on the food items that are typically available at these locations

  • A medium size buttery pop corn contains about 400 calories
  • A large size buttery pop corn has about 1300 calories. You could eat two chicken breasts and a lot of potatoes with that same amount of calories. Not to mention the fact that, these are empty calories that you are eating. They are of no benefit to you and apart from giving you such huge amount of calories in one go they come with the added side effect of putting layers of fat around your hips and you belly. Think twice (or even thrice) before eating any popcorn at the theaters these days as they are unhealthy and the destroyer of any weight loss solution ever created
  • The soda that they give you with all those colorful cups has how many teaspoons of sugar? Trust me, you do not want to know the answer to this question if you want to keep yourself from being broken afterwards. Even then, I’ll tell you right now and the answer is 14. There are 14 teaspoons of sugar in the medium soda that you buy at cinemas at the movies.
  • Do not think that splitting the pop corns with your friend is going to make if any less harmful to you. It would still contain about 300 useless calories for you only. In that amount of calories you could eat a lot of yogurt (about 400 grams) or could eat a cup load of cottage cheese which give you some good calories. Remember, there are good calories and there are bad calories. If you want to loose weight you would want to stay away from the bad calories.
  • Unbuttered popcorn at the movies is not healthy either. It has a lot of far, oil and salt and though that would be a better choice but again, my advice to you would be to stay away from food items such as these.
  • Chocolates are not the way to go either. A peanut butter variant can give you 500 calories (4 oz of chocolate), other variants such as caramel and mints can give you from 250 to 400 calories of junk food.

There are many reasons why you might eat like a pig at the movies and one of the most important ones is, because eating there is mindless eating. You are too busy watching the movie and do not really care about the calories that are in your diet. People have a habit of having soda and popcorn at the movies which is a bad habit due to the reasons described above in good detail.

To loose weight you need to keep a tight grip on your calories and if you cannot maintain that grip at the movies then don’t go to movies, simple as that and if you say that you will die without going to the movies then one simple weight loss solution is to have dinner before going to the movies instead of having dinner at the movies or after the movies, you would be likely to eat a lot less at the movies if you have you dinner at home.

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