Get More Energy With Red

Do you like the color red? What does it mean to you? Has it got anything to do with your health or your weight all all. Is it a weight loss solution?

If you did not like Red before then you should change your mind now as the color red has now been observed to have some sort of an affect on the muscles of the body as a whole.

New Medical research has shown that seeing the color red can make your muscles move faster and with more force. This could prove to a vital result as athletes across the globe would look to maximize this amazing new finding.

Researchers have also found out that this  effect of the color red is not known to many people. That is many people do not know that the color red is a sign of danger to the body and hence it increases its physical strength whenever it sees the color red.

But in a half filled glass of water, there is always one half empty. The research has also suggested that, the increase in performance may come at a cost and that is emotional one.  The color red brings along with it worry, distraction, and self-preoccupation, which could hamper performance.

Color affects us in many ways that we are normally not aware of. In sports, generally, it has been seen that the color red makes the opponent more likely to lose  or at least puts him in a disadvantageous position.

The color red has also been seen to be counterproductive in activities that require mental focus. Motoring tasks are also affected in a negative way.

The experiment done to prove this was a pretty simple one. The researchers had two groups of 30 to 40 students, one experiment was done on student from 4rth to 10nth grade while the other one was done on undergraduates. In both the experiments, one group was asked to squeeze a hand grip as hard as they could when they saw the word squeeze written on the screen.

The word SQUEEZE was written in different colors like blue, yellow, green and red. It was found out that the same set of students squeezed the grip harder and reacted much quicker to the word SQUEEZE when it was written in red.

Pretty awesome huh. So to summarize. You can use red color to give yourself that extra boost of energy while exercising to burn more calories and hence lose more weight.

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