High Protein Diet For Weight Loss? Pros And Cons Part 2


This is the post where I am going to talk about the actual pros and cons of adopting a high protein diet because by now all of you know what the high protein diet is and what is it used for. In short, in this diet you eat more meat and less carbohydrates and hence lose lots of weight.

High protein diet has the further benefit of curbing your appetite so that you only eat when you need to eat, not when you WANT to eat which is the case with most of the people these days.Which is also the reason why so many people are fat, sluggish and weak these days as we put our bodies under a lot of pressure physically by eating when the body does not require food.

High protein diet is known throughout the world for changing a persons metabolism in many cases. There have been reports where people have reported an increase in their metabolic rate because of their high protein diet. What makes that effect possible is not known precisely yet but I think the explaining I will give to you is going to be satisfactory.

The way our bodies work, when we severely restrict the amount of carbohydrates that we put in our bodies, our bodies try to burn fats (which are our own form of fuel) of our own body in order to satisfy the need for carbohydrates. This puts the body in a mode known as ketosis.

Ketosis is the process through which the body burns and sheds of pounds of weight quickly.As with life, all is not bright sunshine with high protein diet as ketosis has also been related to headaches, nausea, kidney troubles and heart problems. There you go, I just mentioned the first pro and first con of high protein diet.

Rest assured that many people have tried this approach and it has payed off but for little minority (there is a minority in each and everything in life, so nothing out of the ordinary here as well) it causes health problems after this minority loses their required amount of weight.

Keep reading guys because there is lots more to come on high protein diet tomorrow.

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