High Protein Diet For Weight Loss? Pros And Cons Part 3


 Let me help you guys with the selection of foods in your high protein diet. When you are thinking about high protein diet, do not just think about red meat and chicken. It amazes me how many people, upon hearing the words high protein diet, never think about fish as being a high protein food. Most of us just revel to the fact that we will get to eat all the steak and chicken we want when he get on a high protein diet (which is not true in any case).

Remember, probably the best form of protein is fish (along with egg protein), chicken and other poultry do pack a lot of protein but if you can tolerate and actually like fish then you will be getting a lot of protein with a lot less fat. Dark meat gives you a lot of fat if you are not careful with your cuts as I discussed in the previous post but with white meat, every cut is a super cut.

To lower the calories that are in fish (which are already a lot less than what you would get for a similar amount of proteins from red and dark meat) you can use the skinless variety. You do not need to eat the skin of the fish which is bursting with saturated fat, which is obviously not good for your health.

Remember, you must also choose your fish wisely. Try to buy fillets but they can be expensive. So buy the fish which is from the sea and is fresh, which would not be possible if you do not live near a sea itself. The only problem I faced while eating fish was that it was difficult to make its smell go away from its meat. You do have to work hard to make is scentless. The easy way is to buy processed one and the hard way (which is the better way) is to do it yourself buy applying lemon on the white meat which you want to cook and eat. That will make its smell go away in about 30 minutes.


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