How To Control Your Cravings

So without any fillers, here are 4 ways you can control your cravings and thus finally start to lose some good old weight.

  1. First step to control your cravings, is to write them down. Write down the stuff you crave and then think about them for moment. Think about which ones are bad for your health and which have gone out of control.
  2. You need to identify the situations which forces you to binge. In other words, know when you crave for stuff. When you know those moments then you have to take actions. Go for a walk, take a shower, just do anything that would take your mind off eating some junk food. Call a good friend. That always works
  3. You need to deal with your craving triggers yourself. You have to manage them yourself. So the next time you get cravings, just pick a gum and chew it, that releases stress and has been known to stimulate certain parts of the brain. Try to stay away from stress (through exercise may be) if you know that you eat a lot when you are stressed.
  4. You need to take your craving head on and try to kick it out. First step in order to achieve this is always by telling someone about your cravings. That has an instant effect of, you having more control. Don’t know the exact science behind this, but trust me, this works.

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