How to control yourself to start loosing weight

Weight loss solution is all about low calories
Hmmm. Low calorie diet rocks

We all love a little sugar now don’t we. I mean, who does not want to eat sugar all the time if they could. I mean it is so yummy and everything we like in foods is directly or indirectly related to sugar.

But our sugar habits have gone way overboard. We are eating too much sugar in too many forms for too many consecutive ways.

Lets take some of the foods that people most crave about when they want to fulfill themselves with sugary goods.

One of those food items is Ice Cold Sweetened Tea Drink

Obviously when you are thirsty then the idea of ice-cold flavorful ice tea beverage can be real tempting and engaging one. One that could destroy your weight loss efforts. Months of hard work can be undone in half an hour if you are not careful about your diet.

Drinking a mere 16 oz of this drink can give you 160 units worth of calories and about 40 grams of sugar. That is a lot of sugar and if you ask me for one weight loss solution that I would recommend to people to starting using right away, then thats, cut all sugar.

Sugar is bad. It is really bad. I do not want to write another post about how bad sugar can be but I will if people need more it.

So are they ways you can satisfy your craving and still maintain your weight loss efforts.

Yes there are. As long as you are comfortable using aspartame (alternative sweetener) then usually you can find all the flavors of your favorite drinks in their zero calorie versions.

The best option is perhaps brewing your own tea and then refrigerating it for a few hours to a good cold tea drink. There is really no need for any flavor as Ice tea has got flavor of its own.

There you go, more to come in this seven parts series of what your sugar craving food might be and how you can curb it.

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