How to Get a Flat Belly

There is no magic formula here. While losing weight automatically gives you a flat belly, sometimes you just want that extra bit of fat off your belly.

For that to happen you are going to have to know some facts and I am going to mention those in the following sentences.

Fatty foods such as butter, cheese and meats are the biggest cause why people have big stomachs, meaning some huge bellies, right? Wrong. That is not the only reason. Every time you over eat, you run the risk of having a fat belly. Fat belly is related to the amount of calories you intake, how you take them matters little when it comes to losing weight and getting a flat belly.

Genetics, diet and age all play a crucial role in belly fat but you must clean out your diet before you reduce it. Yes, it is that hard. Having a flat belly is a rare thing even for some very fit people otherwise.

You need to eat healthy and you need to eat less. You also need to exercise in order to have a flat belly. You need to increase the amount of calories you take in from vegetables and fruits. You need to reduce fats from your diet.

It goes without saying that you need to stay away from alcohol if you want to remain fit and away from diseases (not to mention some humiliating social moments). Alcohol damages the body a lot and one of its harmful effects are also seen on your waistline.

Also remember that not all fats are made equal. The worst type of fat is trans fat. It not only increases the fat on your stomach but encourages the body to store fat in the belly area rather than some place else in the body. Stay away from things like margarine, pastries, cookies and crackers. These get a big no when it comes to having a flat belly.

You also need to eat some super foods which burn off fat from the belly. Before I name them, you must know that you need to exercise no matter what if you want to have a flat belly. Foods such as green tea and blueberries help a lot in burning off fat from your stomach and hence giving you a flat belly.

Watch out for another post in which I will consider and mention some more ways you can flatten your bellies out with.

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