How to get Super fit Fast

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If you are in a bad shape then obviously you have to loose weight. To loose weight you need a weight loss solution, more like, weight loss solutions as there are many ways to loose weight. Many ways that work and even more many that don’t. One consequence of loosing weight is getting fitter.

So here are the ways, you can use to loose weight and get super fit:

Set Goals:

Without goals you cannot (or should not) even begin to think about success in any walk of life, whether it be getting good grades or the more relevant, loosing weight. You have got to set realistic goals. Goals give you energy and give you a purpose.

Fulfilling those goals gives satisfaction and happiness that we all want in our lives. Make your goals a must have rather than a should have. Don’t say you should loose weight. Rather it should be, you MUST loose weight. Make strong goals and then back them up with strong will and strong consistent action.

Plan your Goals:

Setting goals is just not good enough. You have to plan your goals, down to the last inch. The more specific you are, the better. So to get super fit, I usually recommend this:

For Beginners:

20 minute walk or light jog 3 days a week meaning, do carido on alternate days and do weight training in the days between them.

For Intermediate:

Cardio six days a week of 30 minutes each and weight training (usually biceps and chest for begginer, 2 sets and 12 reps of each part) 3 days a week to go along with your cardio.


Follow this HIIT(high intensity interval training) routine for 3 to 4 days a week :

10 minutes light jog at 50 percent of your max speed

then 7 to 10 intervals of  max speed like this:

Interval 1

30 seconds of 80-90 percent max sprint, followed by 50 percent max speed  for 30 seconds

Repeat this two step sequence 7 to 10 times.

Be Consistent:
You cannot loose weight or even gain muscle if you are not consistent in doing what needs to be done to loose weight. You need to consistently do work on your diet and on your body by exercising. You can expect to see a difference in yourself  ATLEAST after a month of consistent action, not before.

Some of the ways you can get consistent is obviously to develop a strong will and pick yourself up on days you don’t feel like exercising or eating a good diet. Tell other people about your goals. That will certainly get you up for exercise and the right diet everyday when you know that people are noticing you.

Be accountable

I am not against CHEAT DAYS but in the end it all comes down to you. If you keep on sabotaging yourself by eating your prohibited foods excessively in secret, then you are not going anywhere. You need to be honest with yourself. Take your actions day by day.

What you eat today and what you exercise today affects your body for today and what you eat and exercise tomorrow affects your body for tomorrow. So don’t think that 3 days of good eating habits and exercise gives you the freedom of binging the next 3 days.

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