How to motivate yourself for loosing weight?

The ultimate weight loss solution is motivation. If you have the motivation you can do it without breaking a sweat (well, not really!!!). For many people who are trying desperately to loose weight and keep it off, motivation is the major problem.

They just cannot stay focused enough to exercise every day or every other day and just do not have the self control of eating less and not binging. Motivation is the key. If you have the motivation of doing well, you can easily incorporate all of these weight loss solutions into your life.

What I did when I went on my journey of loosing weight and keeping it off (loosing healthy weight that is, otherwise, just stop eating and you will loose weight!!! Don’t do that of course) was I tried a 3 step process.

First step constituted of me writing down (actually writing down) how much weight I wanted to loose weight. Say like, I wanted to loose 15 or 30 pounds. I wrote that down.

In the second step, I wrote down the things I wanted to do in order to achieve my goal (that is to loose 30 pounds of weight). Things like exercise, eating less, eating healthy and generally living an active life rather than sitting in front of the TV for hours with a bag of chips.

After writing those things down, in the third step I wrote, how would I feel once I loose that amount of weight. That could be anything. Like, I wrote down, that I would feel lighter and more energetic. I would feel proud of myself for achieving such a goal, which millions of people try each year but fail at.

Then I turned by 3rd step into my 1st step. My first step became the feelings that I would have if I had achieved my goal and that is the key.

If you connect your goals to your feelings that the chances of you sticking to that goal, staying committed to the things you have to do in order to achieve that goal, becomes easier and less painful and more rewarding.

You will feel to enjoy the weight loss process if you think about the feelings you would get if you were thin and not overweight (or underweight). However, if you just think about the pounds you have to loose then the same process becomes a lot harder and you are more likely to give up and start eating much more again.

Don’t just loose weight just because you have to. Like, don’t say that you want to loose weight before the start of the new semester or in 2 months time for a wedding. That only makes your journey more difficult and you will not be able to change your lifestyle.

Even if you loose your desired amount of weight, you are very very likely to regain all of the weight you lost IF your motivation and your goal was to be fit for a wedding or any other event.

As I said, instead of having that mindset, just think about the feelings that you would get and it will make your life a hell a lot easier. Remember, loosing weight is a change in your eating habits for the rest of your life, not just 3 months or 3 weeks.

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