How To Stay Motivated And Lose Weight


Motivate yourself with these weight loss solutions

Having problems in what you want to achieve is a fact of life. When you start out to lose weight, your confidence and motivation is on a all time high. Slowly, it begins to fade away and more than 95 percent of people who are onĀ  some sort of a weight loss solution, give up even before trying. To stay motivated is half the battle. No seriously, it is.

Overtime your zeal and drive to lose weight goes away. Hitting the gym or eating a plate of vegetables along with low fat dairy does not seem appetizing to you. You start to crave things like Pizza or soda and what not.

It starts with a regular meeting with friends. They take you out on a dinner and your diet is gone. It is dead. You eat a lot and in the process of socializing with your friends you skip the gym and eat junk food.

Hence you start gaining weight and feel like you have lost the war when in reality all what you have lost is really a battle, nothing less nothing more.

The easy solution to this problem is that you start taking your friends to the gym as well. Now you will be hanging out as well as working out. Both of which you wanted to do in the first place.

But staying motivated aside from the social pressures is really difficult and it gets more difficult as time passes. Here are ways you can counter it and stay motivated to go all the way.

  • Time to re assess your goals. Another motivational tip that helps a lot is reviewing your aims and goals. Identifying the areas in which you are facing problems and then correcting them to achieve optimal results. You need to have some short term goals to achieve your long term goals. You cannot just rely on long term goals because all you would be able to achieve would be to lose focus and fall of the bandwagon. You need to re assess your short term goals in order to know if your long term goal is still valid. Do not make the mistake of just acting like a zombie and follow the same routine day in, day out.

  • Another way to boost your motivation is to take few progress pictures. If you keep on taking pictures after every day or two, you would get demotivated because your body does not change its shape in days. You should rather take progress pictures after every 3 or 4 weeks. This is the amount of time your body needs in order to change significantly. With progress pictures you can take a lot of positives and hence stay motivated in order to change even more by losing more weight.

  • Vary the food you eat. You might get bored eating the same breakfast, same lunch and same dinner each and every day. With so much information about different recipes now available on the internet, there is no reason for you to eat the same thing everyday. Try to rotate your meal plans in order to stay fresh and motivated.

  • The last tip to save your diet plan to lose weight is to go to a trainer. A trainer can freshen you up in times of need. Sometimes you just do not want to get off your butt and exercise. A trainer can urge you to just go that extra mile which in the end makes a big difference to your weight loss plan. Try hiring a trainer for a week or two, to see where it takes you. I am sure you will learn a lot on how to stay motivated for losing weight in the long term.

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