Important weight loss solutions

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Weight loss solutions is not all about how much you eat. Healthy weight loss solutions are a lot more than just eating less and exercising more. Healthy weight loss solutions are about what you eat, why you eat, when you eat and how  much you eat.

Today the weight loss solutions we are going to discuss about are “Why you eat” and “when you eat”. To important factors that could prove pivotal if you want any weight loss solution to work for you.

Eating when you are hungry

This is another one of those theories that one does not know whether to follow or not. Some people suggest eating small regular meals. Others suggest not letting yourself hungry so that you do not have to resort to binging.

Others say that you should eat when you feel hungry as that is the body’s natural mechanism for needing food. Food is the fuel for our body so have to be really careful about how much FUEL we put into our body.

Extra fuel only hurts the body more contrary to the fuel you fill your car tank with. I you put in more fuel, your body keeps on storing it (there is no over flow mechanism like in a car’s tank, where the extra fuel just flows out) and thus it makes you fat.

For many people, this weight loss solution is the easiest to keep yourself on a check. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you don’t feel the hunger. It is very important to realize that the point at which you stop feeling hungry is extremely difficult to know.

It will take practice but ultimately you would know exactly when your body’s hunger has gone away. This would be the ultimate weight loss solution if you do manage to know exactly when you feel hungry and when you don’t.

Most people just keep on eating until they cannot stuff more food in their stomach. That is an extremely awkward way of eating, not to mention that by eating like this you give your body more chances of converting the food you eat into fat.

Smaller meals are easier for the body to handle and there is less chance that, that food gets converted into fat.

Weight loss solutions is not about how you should stop eating but it is about how you can tailor the weight loss solutions provided to you according to your own habits, lifestyle and of course your body.

The more you know about your body and about its needs (and wants) the more likely it is for a weight loss solution to work for you but remember that for any weight loss solution to work, you have to give it time. At least a week to know its effects on your weight and your general health.

Late night Snacks can destroy your Weight Loss efforts

According to a new research, the timing of your dinner. Your lunch and breakfast can have a significant impact on your weight loss efforts. Most people think that the only weight loss solution that they need to be concerned about is, how many calories in and how many calories out.

While that is a major factor in loosing weight but it does not end there. More on this later but for now, you must know this that, you cannot continue to eat late night calorie laden snacks and expect to loose weight.

You need to avoid this at all costs. The most tempting time to eat and hence waste your weight loss efforts is after the last meal of the day. Most people do have the habit of waking up in the middle of the night for a nice chocolate or ice cream snack.

Which can hamper your weight loss progress. You need to avoid eating at night at all costs. If you want to make a smooth transition to a more healthy lifestyle than it is absolutely necessary that you eat your last meal of the day as soon as you can.

Preferably, 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. No snacks after that. If you do happen to have this problem then start off with this simple weight loss solution. Try to eat healthy foods while you snack. Instead of ice cream or a candy bar, try some apples or carrots.

If you cannot even do that then there is another weight loss solution for you. Try to eat the low fat or no fat versions of your favorite foods. Try not to eat sugary foods at night (or at any time of the day at all).

If you follow these simple weight loss solutions then there is nothing stopping you form achieving your goal of loosing weight and keeping that weight off.

Know your body. Try to understand its needs and its requirements. That is the ultimate weight loss solution among many weight loss solutions.

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