Is Sleep Related To Weight Loss?

Sleep being used for losing weight

Sleep and Weight loss?

Most of you would only associate sleep deprivation with dizziness and not being able to concentrate of work properly. But new study has shown that it not only affects your concentration but also makes you gain weight.

Scientist found out during a research that sleep deprivation can make the day drag and slows down your metabolism and hence your body uses less energy. Though it has to be said that the study was done a small scale so the results cannot be generalized as such.

The study also suggested that sleep deprivation and lack of shut-eye period not only makes you more hungry but also makes you gain weight because your body burns less calories.

Now a days a lot of people suffer from sleep deprivation, chronic sleep loss and other sleep disorders. Mainly because all we want to do in our life is work and thus we neglect our health. The study also suggested that getting plenty of sleep can result in the prevention of weight gain.

There have been many studies done that have shown that sleep disorder can lead to weight gain. Disrupted sleep also affects the balance of stress and hunger hormones inside the body during waking hours.

The experiment that was done to deduce these results was a pretty simple one. The mechanism by which sleep deprivation may cause weight gain  was observed in 14 male students. Each put through different sleeping conditions such as normal sleep, no sleep, extra sleep over several days.

Then their blood sugar levels, their food intake and other hormones levels were measured during the next several days in order to identify how much oxygen their body burnt.

The amount of sleep loss did not increase the amount of food intake in these men. However, people who had even one night of less sleep were observed to have slower metabolism the next morning and that caused their body to burn less calories in daily tasks such as breathing and digestion when compared with people who had a good nights sleep.

So lesson to be learnt from this is that you should always sleep a good amount of hours (6-8 for most people) at night. Uninterrupted sleep which is probably the best from of sleep. Otherwise you will be feeling tired the next morning and will have a high chance of gaining weight.

The weight gain from sleep deprivation can also be explained by the fact that, when you sleep less your body cannot control your stress hormones efficiently. You get stressed out and many people eat a lot when they are stressed out. So a good night’s sleep is a must.

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