Its Celery Again

Weight loss lovers love CeleryFirst of all, these vegetables are high in fiber. By now, we all know what that means. It means that when you eat celery, they stay in your stomach for longer and thus keep your snacking instincts at bay.

The best part is that, having high fiber is not the only good feature of this food item. They also have calcium, they bind with your waist fats and help you remove them from your body to make you look slim.

In fact, this is a super wonder food and not just a wonder food. Why? It is because scientific research has proved that having a low calorie celery based snack once a day can actually make you lose weight more quickly if you do not snack at all. That is amazing if you think about it for some precious seconds.

The best way to eat them is to eat them in their raw form, i.e long sticks. It has been proved that the amount of calories that your body burns in digesting and chewing celery sticks is equal to the amount of calories celery gives you. Which makes it a calorie neutral food and that my friend, is awesome.

If you cannot eat them raw and plain then you can mix them in your low fat Italian salad dressing or as an addition  in your salsa. Or you could try even more combinations. Some chopped celery along with tomato slices is one variation that I like the sound of.



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