Lemons Are Great

Ideal weight loss solution with lemons

Lemonades fresh you up in summers as well

A lot of people know how beneficial lemonades are (without sugar obviously) but did you know that even lemon peel can be an excellent weight loss solution.

It can make you lose weights in more ways than you would think at first. It contains pectin (the lemon peel that is) and it contains fiber. When ingested, it form a gel type substance which goes into the stomach and may prevent you from absorbing sugar too quickly.

Lemons peels are also great because they can kill you instincts of snacking at night time. They can make you feel full for up to four hours and that means that you will no longer add more weight to your body by having those little useless snacks.

The best way to use lemon peel is to grate your lemon peel and mix it with oil, thyme and mustard. You can use them in loads of foods, just about every where. In your curries and especially in butter puddings.

However, you should make sure that they are clean, wash the peels properly until the wax and residue comes off them.

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