Lose weight by changing your life style

Are you sick and tired of trying to lose weight with diet pills, and this week’s fad diet?  The best way to lose weight is to change your life style.


Changing your life style, for a healthier body consist of being more active, you can start by walking for an hour every other day, and

lose weight eating healthy

lose weight eating healthy

doing some strength training on the other days.  The best strength training exercises with out equipment are; push-ups (you can make them harder by putting your feet on a couch or chair).  Opposite arm-leg plank, Jackknife, Single Leg Squat, Crunches, and Squat-Thrusts.  If you need to start with a shorter time for your walk you can it is about walking as far as you can to begin with and building up your stamina.

 Lose weight and become healthier

Changing your diet will also help, now I am not saying that you have to cut all good tasting food out of your diet.  Try different recopies with fresh ingredients, when you use process foods the calorie content is higher.  You can cut the portion size and this can cut quite a few calories.  Replacing one sweet a day with a fresh fruit will also help.  Instead of drinking soda, or fruit juices, try lemon, orange and cucumber water, fresh raspberry white iced tea, lemon water, lime water, orange water.  Do not switch to diet drinks, the artificial sweeteners will make you feel like you need to eat, thus the calories that you are cutting out of your diet with using diet drinks are made up plus more by the amount of extra food you consume.


Having at least one day a week that you can splurge on high calorie foods, will help you stay on your new way of eating.  Now don’t go nuts, but have that piece of cheese cake, or whatever treat you want.  When my daughter and I started our new lifestyle, when we go out to dinner, we split an entre, and order an extra side salad.  If we want a dessert we always order just one dessert for up to 4 people, this lets everyone have a little dessert with out pigging out.  When I eat ice-cream, I get 1 scoop and that is it, I have not stopped eating foods that I love I just eat about half the amount.


Do not skip meals, if anything you should eat 6 times a day, small amounts, and healthy snacks.  Like an apple, some nuts or carrots for your morning snack.  I keep almonds in a container and snack on them they are high in protein and I lost 50 pounds just making sure that I grazed on fresh vegetables and nuts, most of the day.  What you need to keep an eye on your dip, if you have to use a dip make it with low fat plain yogurt and add fresh herbs to flavor.


These small changes can help you lose weight at a rate that is healthy for your body, and it is easy to keep up,  and you wont feel that you are punishing yourself with a diet and work out schedule. Go to weight-loss-solutions-online.com to find out more ways to lose weight.

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