Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 1


This is going to be an interesting series of posts. I am going to list some ways to get you started on losing weight and keeping it off. These ways will not require you to follow any type of diet or calorie restriction. All you have to do is to make small changes to your life.

First tip is, you need to time your meals. You need to eat slowly.

Set a timer for about 20 minutes and transform yourself into a slow eater. This is probably the best technique that you can use to lose weight without following any type of diet.

You need to chew each bite and savor the moment. Paced meals offer you great satisfaction from smaller portions. This is something that was not known before. Eating slowly also triggers your fullness hormones so you will naturally feel full with less food.

People who like to wolf down their food will find that they do not feel full afterwards and hence overeat. That happens because eating quickly blocks the production of those fullness hormones and that leads you to eating more calories than your body needs.

Stay tuned for more posts. There will be around 20 ways to lose weight without dietingĀ  which I will share with you guys in the coming weeks.

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