Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 12


¬†Eating pause. Yup, I know, it came to me as a new term too when it comes to dieting. Apparently, your body has a strange mechanism of giving you hints about when it is satiated and when it is full. Obviously, when you are full, you don’t like to eat anymore. But that is sometimes not the best indicator of when you should stop eating.

Most people on earth have this kind of a eating pause whenever they are eating on dining table. They put the fork down for a couple of minutes for no apparent reason. They might talk to the person sitting next to them or they might be thinking deeply about something. That is the pause that you want to keep in your mind next time you are having yours.

At that pause, you should realize that your body has taken in the amount the calories it needs to maintain itself and anymore than that is probably going to put on some extra weight on you. Generally, you should not take another bite after this moment.

Clear your plate or save what is left over and then enjoy the conversation or whatever it was you were thinking about.

The eating pause is basically the hidden signal which your body sends out indicating that you are full now and not in need (not necessarily want) of anymore food. Most people miss it that is the worst part. So next time you sit down to eat something, be on the lookout for this hidden signal.

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