Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 13

Who would have thought chewing gum could make you lose weight

 Do you know that chewing gum can actually help you lose weight without having to worry about how much you are eating?

But before I go into the details, remember that the chewing that you should chew should always be sugarless. Otherwise, a chewing gum with lots of sugar is just going to defeat the purpose of taking it in the first place.

This is what you do, you chew. Simple. You want to chew something. Anything. But since there are very little things which are calorie free or are super low in calories that you can chew, a chewing gum always fits the bill. No you cannot really chew something made out of plastic because that is bad for your health.

Chewing releases some hormones in your body which gives you the feeling of fullness recent research has shown. You chew chewing gums whenever you get a snack attack. You know snack attack. This attack usually happens when you want to eat something just out of boredom or curiosity. You don’t feel any hunger but just to have some fun, you think it wouldn’t hurt if I just eat one of two of those calorie heavy muffins along with some homemade oil laden french fries.

The second thing which you need to ensure when using a chewing gum to stave off snack attacks is that the chewing gum should have a strong flavor. That will help you taste everything else a lot less. You would not feel like eating something because you would not be able to taste it properly.

I know that chewing gums of these particulars are loaded with chemicals and some of them may not be like an apple for your body, but there are cases where people are unable to control their urge and end up eating a 1000 calories like 5 or 6 times in a day. They gain weight and hence develop the exhaustive list of diseases and problems that come with having too much weight on your body.

Some situations in which you might have a snack attack include watching television. You need to be extra careful while watching TV or roaming the internet on your computer. These places are ideal for mindless snacking because these places are the main hub of where people usually feel emotional changes in themselves and when you have huge emotional changes in a short amount of time, like seeing a blind person die in a movie or finding out bad things about your friend on Facebook, you tend to eat with emotions. Emotional eating leads to rapid amount of calorie consumption.

Other places include, making dinner after work. When you are exhausted from work, all you want to do is to get home and munch on something. Well, by now you should know that you should munch on chewing gums in these cases. Get to the quality food later when you are dieing of hunger. Hanging out with friends is another scenario in which you are likely to overeat so keep a pack in your pocket just in case a need arises.

So to sum up, kill your hunger with chewing gum. Chewing gum should be sugar less and should have a strong taste so that other foods do not taste so good.


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