Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 14


 If you want to shrink down to a size that you desire and that too without having to diet then one of the best ways to do that is to reduce the amount of food that you eat but without knowing it. Otherwise, it would become a diet and you would then lose interest.

Research has shown that by cutting down your plate size, you automatically eat less without ever knowing. That is the best part I guess. Research also showed that people who did cut down to a smaller plate tended to eat about 100 to 200 calories less per day.

That may not sound like enough when you consider that you need to lose about 7000 calories in order to lose just 1 kg but remember, over the course of a year, 100 to 200 calories a day can make you lose about 10 to 20 pounds. That would cut down your size by at least 2 I guess.

So right now you might be using about a 12 inch diameter plate. What you do is pretty simple and should not cost a lot of money if at all. Serve and eat your food in a 10 inch plate rather than a 12. That will get you started on eating less without ever noticing it.

Remember that research proved that people tend to eat more and serve more too when they eat in monster size plates. The more food you see in front of you, the more likely are you to over eat. Haven’t you considered that no matter what, people always eat a lot of buffets and eat all you can offers. This is just something we need to accept that the less food you would have on your plate and in the house as well, the less likely are you to eat what your body does not need.

On other astonishing fact about reducing plate size is that none of the test subjects felt hungry and even noticed that they are eating less. That is something very striking and this effect can only be achieved if you are moderate about the whole technique.

I know a lot of people who would become overzealous after reading this post and cut their plate size down to 6 inches perhaps in order to lose more weight without noticing a thing but going to extremes rarely works in the short term and never works in the long term. So you must be moderate about it and only decrease the plate size to 10 inches if you are eating in a 12 inch one at the moment or a 8 inch one if you are on a 10 inch one.

I was on a 12 inch one when I read about this technique  and I think most of us are now a days on a 12 inch plate. We all tend to eat more than what our body needs. I am thinking that as a general rule you have to decrease your plate size by 2 inches and not more, in the beginning at least.

No matter on what plate size you are right now, decrease it only by 2 inches. I think that should work as efficiently as the original research as well. Let me know your thoughts on this free tip to lose weight without having to diet all your life.

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