Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 15


Have you ever heard about the 80-20 rule? I am sure you must have and you must have also heard about it being employed by business people or people who want to improve themselves all the time by being more productive. By being able to do more with less, they are able to form for themselves a lifestyle that is both rewarding and relaxing. Anyway, I am not here to talk about that, I am here to talk about how you can apply the 80 20 rule in your weight loss solutions in order to get more benefits out of your dieting.

Thankfully, this post is not going to ask you to start on yet another new diet. I am not going to ask you to kill yourself by staying hungry all the time or as some other people do by taking drugs or smoke pot in order to NOT feel hungry even though their body is crying out loud for nutrients. They do lose weight but that weight is pretty useless. You need to have good muscle mass along with less mass overall in order to be really healthy and fit.

The 80 20 rule is pretty simple if you ask me. All you have to do is stop eating food when we are 80 percent full. If you can spot your PAUSE MOMENT which I talked about in an earlier post in this series of weight loss solutions without diet, then that would be best but if you are having a hard time in spotting that moment then this technique is for you.

Research has shown that the chances of people missing out on this tipping point is even less than the chances of people missing out on their PAUSE MOMENT. I can understand that most people now a days have formed a habit of eating till they are absolutely full and hence they might feel a bit uncomfortable starting out with this technique but with little will a lot of progress can be made.

Reducing your food intake by 20 percent is barely noticeable I tel you, but it is noticeable in terms of the rewards you would reap in less than 6 months time. So dish out 20 percent of the food that you currently eat in order to feel stuffed and you too can start to lose weight without dieting.

Not asking you to eat fruit all day and neither am I asking you to cut out all fat and sugars. They are things that I have and will continue to talk about on this site but for now, I would like to concentrate of having people at least giving these simple tips a try. Stick with these for a couple of weeks and notice the difference.

These are not radical changes in your lifestyle or in your eating habits. If you cannot see any benefit in them after trying them out for two weeks, feel free to dump them and let me know too, so that I can know more.


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