Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 16


One of the easiest ways to lose weight without too much effort, or without effort at all, is to stop eating outside. Yeah, stop. All that junk food is bad for you anyway so there is no sensible reason for anyone to eat outside unless there is no time for any other option.

And let us be honest here, there are a lot of options. Though it is true that the main reason why people eat outside is because they are short on time (and who is not these days, even if we agree that most of us do not really know anything about time management) and because junk food is easily available to people. Imagine this much investment going into the health industry. I think we would be living in a very different world right now had that happened.

Anyway, if u are short on time and have no option but to eat outside, one thing that you can do is to buy fruits or frozen veggies instead of going straight to junk food outlet. The best option as I said earlier was to time your meals in a way that allows you to eat a home with peace.

Eating food on the go is never something that you would want to do every single day of your working life. If you stop eating outside, you reduce your risk of gaining weight along with avoiding a host of diseases that can be transmitted through these places. Contagion anyone?

You will also be able to cut out all the fat that is in food that comes out of their kitchen. If you still cannot will yourself to quit eating in restaurants then I have a weight loss solution for that too.

Here is what you do. You divide and then you conquer. Let me put that into a restaurant perspective. We all know how big restaurant meals are. They have giant portion sizes and are laden with fat heavy sauces that will have you pack on the pounds within weeks if you are not careful.

The first thing that you would want to do in order to keep your food intake under control inside the restaurant is to split the entree with a friend. Always do that. That will cut the major portion of your calorie intake while you enjoy your meals at the restaurant.

The second thing that you can do in order to keep your food intake under check is to order the appetizers as a meal and not as starters. There is really no need for something to be called as STARTERS. STARTERS to what? It is not a food eating contest, so just serve the food and be done with it. I guess its just a ploy to get you guys started on the feasting that takes place after the starters.

Third thing that you can do which I have mentioned countless times is to use a child’s plate. That can cut up to 20 percent of your calorie intake and you would hardly notice that you are eating in a child’s plate. That is something that has been proved through researches which have been conducted recently.

Tell the waiter to bring half the meal in a doggie bag before serving the meal. That is self explanatory really, so go try this out the next time you go to a restaurant with your friends.

Ordering extra salad and splitting veggies are also complementary techniques which you can use in order to further reduce the amount of damage your body might take at the restaurant.

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