Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 17

Ideal for losing weight without having to do much

 You want to lose weight without putting too much effort into it? Or you just want to lose weight without putting an effort at all?. Well that is no possible, what is possible is for you to lose weight with very very little effort. Today I am going to talk about that effort as I have done so in the 15 posts before this post in this series of  ‘Lose Weight Without Diet’.

Lets be honest here. Losing weight and then keeping it of can be a big pain in the back so we obviously need ways that are easily integrable into our lives and give us fail proof autopilot ways of maintaining and perhaps losing some weight.

I want to talk about pasta here. Who here does not love a plate of pasta. I love it, I think you do as well and hell even Ronaldo likes it a lot. For those who would love to stay fit while eating pasta too, here is a very simple and easy tip to achieve that.

That tip assumes some conditions. The first condition is that, you actually like pasta, if you don’t, I do not see how you would benefit from this tip. Second assumption is the assumption of assuming (lots of assumptions? I know) that the most popular sauce that people use over a pasta is the Alfredo Sauce. For this tip to work, all you have to do is always go for red sauce. In this case, that red sauce is marinara sauce.

The logic for that is simple enough. The number of calories in red tomato based sauce is a lot less when compared with cream based sauces. Not to mention that, the tomato based sauce also has a hell less of fat content when compared with the cream based sauce.

If you thought that is the only thing stopping you from losing weight and getting fit, then obviously you thought wrong. You still have to watch out you portion sizes. That is the single most important aspect of losing weight and keeping it off.

You cannot just keep on eating loads of pasta and not expect to gain weight. One serving of pasta is about the size of a tennis ball. I know that must have shocked at least 90 percent of the readers, but that is true. Pasta contains a lot of calories and is nothing but white flour which is not the best for your health in any case.

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