Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 18

Man that looks delicious, sadly not very weight freindly

 This post is about another weight loss solution that very few people know about, or even if they know about it, they do not follow it in a way that is beneficial for their health. As they say, there is a difference between knowing stuff and doing stuff. People get rewarded for doing stuff more than they get rewarded for knowing stuff, that is the general rule in any walk of life and perhaps more so in losing weight than anything else.

Eating more vegetables and fruits instead of meat (no matter what the quantity) is generally considered to be a slimming habit. Obviously, you cannot eat 4 pounds of spinach and 10 bananas along with 1o apples on top of 10 oranges and still expect to lose weight because that amount of food would give you about 2200 calories. That still will not cause you to gain weight, such are the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

Vegetarians also tend to weight less than meat eaters but that statement is subjected to portion sizes as well. If you eat a lot of fruits and oranges then that would be equivalent to someone who eats very little amount of meat and fish.

There are more than 100 reasons for why vegetarians weight less than meat eaters (generally speaking) but the most important one might be the inclusion of legumes for people who like to eat vegetables. As I have stated before on this blog that legumes are wonder foods.

Beans and other legumes are simply packed with fiber which keeps you full for longer. Red kidney beans also have a lot of protein and anti oxidants which make you stronger from the insider.

But sadly, most people do not even get half of the fiber that their body needs and that is why they eat a lot. Fiber makes you eat less and it makes you feel more energetic as you would rarely have digestive problems if you fiber intake is sufficient. Eat legumes and other vegetables in order to get your body its daily doze of fiber.

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