Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 2

Sleep More To Lose Weight A Bit More

 Did you know that sleeping only an hour extra per day can have you lose up to 14 pounds a year. That is quite astonishing given the fact that you do not have to diet and neither do you have to exercise for this weight loss. It is what I call, free weight loss. For this weight loss solution, all you have to do is to sleep a hour more everyday.

Researches have shown that when sleep replaces some idle thinking in which most people do the mindless snacking, you can effectively reduce up to 6 percent of your daily calorie intake. Obviously, this affect would be different for different bodies.

But on the opposite side, if you do not sleep the recommended 8 hours a day and keep that up long enough, you can actually increase your chances of gaining weight. It has been proved before that lack of sleep can increase your appetite which will make you hungry for no reason at all.

All the calories you would eat at this point would be utilized for increasing your weight. Get proper sleep and lose weight, that is the motto of this little post.

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