Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 3



Eat more of fruits and vegetables. In return, you will lose more weight. Instead of taking one serving of fruit or vegetable with your meals, try for 3 and you will be able to eat more without really trying.

We all know that our brain wants to see some variety. Our body craves variety. That is why if you will eat different vegetables and fruits instead of different kinds of pasta and sandwiches, you will lose more weight.

The astonishing thing about eating vegetables and fruits is that they fill you up with their high fiber and water content. Hence you eat lesser calories and feel full. But you must make sure that you are cooking your vegetables without added fat. In other words, you cannot be pouring down the olive oil or any oil while cooking your vegetables and expect them to be low calorie healthy food.

You can always use herbs and lemon juice to season your vegetables instead of getting rid of their benefits by drowning them in high calorie sauces or some mayonnaise dressings.

This was solution 3 of 24 in series titled “Lose weight without diet”. I am sure you would find these tips and tricks useful. Let me know your thoughts after you have tried them out (hopefully for a week or two).

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