Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 4


Add soup to your diet. I do not want to repeat myself but you have got to realize the benefits that soup would bring to the table. Your weight will start to come off when you add lots of soup into your diet.

Why do I say that? Well, it is pretty simple really. You add soup in your diet throughout the day and you will get filled up on fewer calories. A lot fewer calories.

The best time to have soup is before a meal (it can also be used as a meal itself though) as it has the good effect of slowing down your eating rate and hence curbing your appetite.

You can always start with canned soup just to acquire the taste and then move onto other varieties. Always remember while choosing soup varieties, that it should be a low sodium broth. High amounts of protein are not considered good for health though there is a lot of research going on to prove otherwise.

You can add fresh vegetables or frozen ones to your soup, simmer and you will have yourself a nice meal. Just beware of the creamy soups. They are a no no. They are high in calories and in fat which would make you pile on the pounds.

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