Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 5


What are whole grains? well, basically they include your regular oats, brown rice, barley and whole wheat. These should form an integral part of your diet. These will act as stealthy weight loss solutions.

Nowhere am I telling you (in this post at least) to cut down on the carbohydrates or the like. Just get rid of things like white bread and co. As usual, these whole grains are rich in fiber and will fill you up with fewer calories.

They can also help you with your cholesterol levels. Switching to whole grains does not mean that you have to give up things like pizza and stuff. There are no varieties in pizza shops where they use whole grain bread instead of white bread.

You can easily get whole grain waffles, pizza crusts, muffins, pasta and what not. There is no reason for you to keep on going with white bread. Apart from the fact that generally white bread tastes better than the whole grain one, there is nothing good about white bread. You just need to acquire the taste of whole grain bread and once you do , you will not be able to enjoy white bread. It is of no use really unless your having a bad stomach.

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