Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 6


 Make use of your old clothes. Assuming you were a bit skinnier before than you are right now, your old clothes can act as a great motivating tool for you to lose weight and keep that weight off. Put your old clothes (which should obviously not fit) somewhere where they can be seen regularly, ideally everyday.

Hang them somewhere where they would remind you to keep working hard each and every day in order to lose weight.

The eye on the prize will keep you disciplined for longer and will give you a clear focus on what you should be doing in order to put these clothes on at some future point in time.

Keep an item that is a little too snug, that will enable you to experience the prize after a relatively short amount of time. You can then keep on going and may be some point in time take out your party wear from 2 years ago. That will be a small but more importantly attainable goal.

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