Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 7


 When was the last time you heard someone say that you could lose weight even while eating Pizza. Apparently you can but obviously you would have to eat a lot less for the whole day after you have had your Pizza.

This is for people who can do that. Even if you do want to Pizza, make sure that it does not contain calories that you do not need. Fill it up with vegetables to give it good color and nutritional value. If you choose vegetable toppings instead of meat ones, you could save up to 100 calories. Which are a lot if you have any idea how hard it is to burn them.

There are many other tricks that you can use to lighten up your Pizza in terms of calories. You can use less cheese ( I do this anyway because I do not really like cheese, only cottage cheese for me) or if you do want to use standard amount of cheese then choose a reduced fat cheese, that will save you some calories too.

You can also choose a thinner crust made of bread and very little olive oil, just a touch if you will. That should really lighten up your pizza and then you can enjoy your Pizza without having to worry about all the extra calories that you did not need.That is the slice of Pizza you should be looking to build, do not go for restaurant ones, they are packed with tons of empty calories.

These changes would not change the taste that much so you should be able to enjoy your regular pizza (with some modifications of course ).

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