Lose Weight Without Diet: Solution 8


You need to get rid of sugar if you want to lose any kind of weight without going on a diet. If you do exercise great control over your calories then may be you can think about taking normal amounts of sugar but when you are looking to lose weight without dieting then there is no way you can keep on eating sugar the way you might be right now.

Replace your regular soda with water and notice the difference you would feel.  For each soda you will replace with water, you would avoid having 10 teaspoons full of sugar. Imagine that.

The liquid which is inside the soda (which is full of sugar anyway) bypasses your body’s mechanisms of registering food and hence feeling full. One study has shown that people who drink soda generally eat 450 more calories than people who eat something like jellybeans.

People who ate a lot of calories,ate fewer calories but that was not the case with people who drank a  lot of soda. And perhaps the most crucial finding of the research was that, these people gained about 2.5 pounds per 4 week period. That is just disastrous for anyone trying to lose weight or even maintain their current weight.

This should show you that you need to cut back on sugars from sodas. You do not have to diet or cut all sugar from your diet. You just need to get rid of those sodas. Have something else to eat and it does not have to be fruits and vegetables even though those are the best options for anyone trying to lose weight.

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