Magic food for weight loss: Coconuts


Coconut Milk is just pure awesome

A lot of people are confused about Coconut milk. What does it really do, does it make you gain weight or does it act as a simple weight loss solution. Well, opinions differ.

According to Men’s health:

Although it is fatty, the fats it contains are essential for your metabolism

Studies have proved worldwide that a small amount of coconut milk can increase your metabolic rate by 5 percents after just one meal. That is an awesome effect if you really think about it. After just one meal. One meal is all that it takes.

But another source claimed the exact opposite. It said that because it contains a lot of saturated fats, it actually makes you gain weight instead of helping you to lose more.

It has about 550 calories per cup and accounts for 250 percent of your daily requirement of saturated fats. So, there may be some truth to coconut milk making you gain weight.

It is healthy no doubt. I think the best way to use it would be to use it in small amounts since it has high number of calories.

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