Magic food for weight loss

Yummy food with great crockery

This is not horseradish by the way (photo by agnus leun from flickr)

Ok, so everyone here probably knows that there are no easy shortcuts to loosing weight. You have to sweat it out in the gym and watch your diet really carefully in order to loose weight. Without the use of pills that is.

But, while the method described above is really the way to go , there are some magic foods that can help you with your fat loss process. One of these magic foods is horseradish, it is relatively inexpensive and can be found easily at the local stores.

I cannot even begin to describe the benefits this magic food is going to bring you. First, it is very low in calories, about 7 in a teaspoon. It can dissolve the fats in your cells which obviously, will make you more healthier.

It has a spicy taste which we all know lessens your appetite(your desire to eat food) hence you eat less and lose weight. Try to put a little bit on your chicken steak or scoop one or two on your fish pie.

A word of advice though, since it has a strong taste, it might upset people with stomach disorders.

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