Magic food number 3 is..

Powerful weight loss food, spinach

Green leafy Spinach

I have stressed on Spinach in the past. But now I have found some new results based on researches being conducted every year on the benefits of eating Spinach.

It turns out, it suppresses you hunger not only by keeping you full because of their appetite reducing proteins but also by reducing hunger hormones in your body. This is just amazing. Just think about the consequences of eating Spinach.

Less hunger. That is something we all want. We want to eat less so that we can lose more weight and thus get healthy. They are super low on calories. A cup worth of cooked spinach has only 40 calories.

The best way you can use spinach is by adding couple of uncooked spinach to your sandwiches. You can also use them with your omelette in the morning. You can also use spinach leaves in your soups and what not. Try to add it in your salads too.



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