Metabolic Boosters for the easy weight loss solution

Spinach with some other spices on a plate

This may not look like the most desirable food in the world but it is one of the most healthy (From flickr)

Metabolic weight loss solutions is the talk of the town now a days. Science has finally studied the human body enough to understand its functions deeply and has taken vast strides in understanding what the foods we eat do to our body.

Now we know know that some foods are different from others not just based on fat content or volumne on the outlook but in terms of what do they actually do inside your body which makes them so special or not so special.

One of those special foods today that I am going to list (Number 2 on my TopĀ  5 Metabolic boosting foods)today is Spinach.

Yeah, you guessed it. As it turns out, those popeye cartoons were not as dumb as we thought they were and actually had a lesson in them afterall (apart from a 100 pound guy kicking the hell out of a 300 pound monster).

Spinach is actually extremely beneficial for your body in any form. Though, eaten raw is when Spinach really shines on what it can do for you and your body.

Spinach, high in calcium (good for the bones), high in magnesium and in iron (both essential for the proper functioning of your body and especially its immune system) is one food item that is extremely low in calories and high in volumne. It boosts your metabolic rate to sky high limits.

When I tried my metabolic weight loss solution, I remember reading somewhere that Spinach actually acts as a “natural steriod” if eaten raw (either in juice form or the leaves only) and in amounts exceeding 1 pound but not exceeding 2 pounds.

Guess what, I tried to experiment with that and though I am not going to say that I became a hulk after a week or so (we all know it is far far more complicated than that) what I will say is that it made me feel extremely full.

Trust me, you seriously cannot eat 2 pounds of Spinach raw in one sitting or even in a day. The amount of chewing you have to do and the shear volumne of this thing will tire you and make you full at the same time, quickly.

And when I say that this food is low in calories, I mean it is super low in calories. Only 65 calories in a massive 284 grams of Spinach package, now isn’t that a monster for your metabolic weight loss solution or what.

Metabolic weight loss solution is not just about foods that increase your metabolism, hell they may be high in calories or high in sugar or even worse, high in fat. Spinach has none of that, making it the ultimate food item for metabolic weight loss solutions.

Metabolic weight loss solutions have got one advantage that non-metabolic weight loss solutions do not and that is, you can turbo charge your body to loose weight fast and more importantly loose fat fast without running yourself to the ground in the gym.

So all in all, Spinach is the holy grail for people looking for metabolic weight loss solutions and Popeye was not as stupid and ill-literate of a guy that I thought him to be.

There you go, Number 2 on my list of “Top 5 metabolic boosters” is Spinach, along with apple it is the ideal food for metabolic weight loss.

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