Metabolic weight loss solution food number 4 (From Top 5 list)

It is some species of Broccoli if that makes any sense. This is what the guy who took the picture told me

I know it does not look Yummy but still. (Xrrr from flickr)

Ok Number four on my list of foods that give you a nice metabolic weight loss solution is Broccoli. I am not sure if the above picture is of a Broccoli but the person who I got it from says that it is some kind of a Broccoli, whatever he meant there.

In this series of metabolic weight loss solutions what I am trying to do is to recommend some foods that I tried when I lost my weight few years back, which would help you loose weight by helping the metabolic rate of your body.

If you have been reading this series of 5 or 6 posts about metabolic weight loss solutions than I think I do not need to tell you what “metabolic weight loss” means but some of us have way much to do so here it goes.

Your body’s metabolic rate in its simplest terms is the rate at which your body burns calories throughout the day. The faster it is, more the calories your body will burn. Fat people are usually believed to have a slow metabolic rate (hence the cause of their high weight) but that is not true.

Even if it is, then the weight variation should be slight not like, you can weigh over 30 kgs if you have a slow metabolic rate. Anyway, with that out of the way lets get to the point.

The foods I have selected so far all help you achieve a metabolic weight loss solution not just another weight loss solution. Because of these metabolic weight loss solution you would not have to go out of your normal routine in order to loose weight.

Though you won’t loose weight as quickly as someone who crash diets (and then gains it back!!) but you loose continue to loose little by little until you get to an average weight.

Broccoli is 4rth on my list of Top 5 foods for metabolic weight loss solutions simply because it does not taste that good.

Infact, I do not know many people who would raise up their hands if asked if Broccoli was their favorite food or not. Infact, I do not know many people who have even a neutral take on this food item (a vegetable you say?).

But metabolic weight loss solutions is about loosing weight through a a faster metabolic rate. The foods on this list cannot be delicious (though most of them are) and that beneficial at the same time.

Broccoli is a great food. I love it. I eat it when I am hungry and I eat it even when I am not because it also fills you up, is filled with nutrients and is green. Yeah green.

Green food items generally, are considered to be best for your health both in terms of loosing weight and increasing your metabolic rate.

So for the sake your health and your “Metabolic” weight loss efforts, include this item in your next shopping list.

How many of you thought that broccoli would even make this list? I am all ears now and waiting to hear you out!!! and to your suggestions too . Still one more of the” Top 5 metabolic weight loss solutions food list” to go.

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