Metabolic weight loss solutions: Number 3 on Top 5 foods

Red Strawberries with Yogurt, helpful for metabolic weight loss

Yogurt and metabolic weight loss solution, two words that love each other

Today it is not about doing exercise, I think I did a really useful post on that just a day ago. Today, I am going to list my (and most people who want to have good health) number 3 on list of Top 5 foods to give you a super charged metabolic weight loss solution.

Yogurt, I think is the number 1 food among people who want to stay slim through metabolic weight loss. This is their solution and is rather a peculiar one.

Science says that, when we chew food, there are signals sent to our brain from our teeth (just take it as I write it, I do not want to make this complicated) that food is being input in the body and hence, consequently controls our want for more food (or less).

Therefore it is recommended that you chew your food a lot, somewhere I read that you have to chew each byte 24 times, which is quite a lot, that way your brain will get lots of signals of food going in than when you just pass food down your throat without a thought.

For most of us, that takes the fun and the pleasure out of our food (though scientists think that it is the best way to fully benefit from the nutritional value of the food that you are eating) so we cannot chew that much. This is where Yogurt comes in.

It is basically a semi solid when eaten so you cannot really chew it. Which means, it should not send much FOOD SIGNALS to the brain but as research shows, it does. It does make you full for longer. It does make you feel satiated for longer.

How does it do that exactly? Cannot explain here.

The point is, this is one thing you should definitely write in for your metabolic weight loss solution.

Low fat yogurt is even better as it is even more of a metabolic weight loss solution for most people. Obviously, people who cannot tolerate dairy products should definitely stay away from this.

Research has also shown that not only yogurt helps you to loose weight by improving your metabolic rate but also combines with the fat molecules in your stomach in a way that passes through your body and goes out.

Hence, you absorb less fat from your food. I think I pointed to this fact in an older post but hye, we all need to be reminded, especially when it is weight loss solutions we are talking about.

Metabolic weight loss solution gives you the edge of loosing weight on the go, while other people workout all day long with little effect, you can enjoy your day (obviously not by eating fast foods) by eating foods that actually help you to metabolic weight loss, not just weight loss.

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