More Easy Weight Loss solutions

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Two weight loss problems for which I am going to tell you the two weight loss solutions. These are:


No matter which diet you follow or how much you exercise. No matter how less you eat or what type of foods you eat (all those so called negative calorie foods), there is no way that you can loose 1 kg or even 1 pound in a single day to ultimately loose ten pounds in two weeks to get in shape for the wedding party you want to be in.

I don’t mean to disappoint you, but facts are facts. An average human being requires about 2000-2500 calories a day in order to work well, feel well and to maintain his weight. For some people it might be more and for some people it might be less.

If you eat less than this then you loose weight and if you eat more calories than the above specified amount then you gain weight. Simple.

What is not simple is that there is a certain limit to the amount of fat that your body can loose in a week or in a day. Mostly, experts will tell you that, that limit is about 1kg a week.

If you loose more than this amount of weight in a single week than that could mean two things. You would have lost a lot of water from your body or 2 , you would have lost some muscle from your body.

Muscle is something that you must try to hold onto for your body’s ultimate health. Your body will not be able to move an inch without muscles.

This is the reason why I stress on the point that you must loose FAT while loosing weight. There is no point in loosing water weight (which actually comes back the minute you drink water or eat some food) or muscles (as that further puts you away from the body you want to have for yourself).

So always aim for 1 kg a week for a healthy and correct weight loss method. Anything above that amount is unsafe, unhealthy and not worth it.


Never go completely cold turkey when trying to loose weight. If you stop eating (just because you want to loose weight) with the intention of loosing weight then your brain would continue to function normally for a day or even less.

After that it will feel threatened by the lack of food you would be eating. It would get the signal that there is a shortage of food. Your brain will try to compensate for the lack of food you would be trying to eat by lowering your metabolism. It will make you feel dizzy and fatigued because the brain wants to conserve the energy that is stored in your body.

For the first 24 to 28 hours it will use some of the fat reserves in your body but after that it will sense a situation similar to a famine and will therefore lower your energy levels in order to last longer. Your weight loss efforts will take a bad hit.

Point is. You should eat but eat less. A lot less but don’t go without food (with the intention of loosing weight) for days. It is okay to go without food for a day or two (or may be even 3 according to some books) with the intention of detoxifying yourself.

That might actually be good for the body as it will give it some rest from processing so much food that now a days we put into our stomachs.

Reduce your calories by little margins not by huge margins. That reverses the effects of eating less and instead of loosing weight faster, you loose weight slower as you feel lethargic because your mind puts your body on PRESERVE mode or what most people like to call STARVATION MODE.

Though I must mention this as well that there are two views about starvation mode. For the other view you can refer to my previous posts. Nothing has been established so far but the popular belief is that starvation mode does take place in your body if you starve it.

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