More Ways You Can Eat While Not Gaining Weight

You like Pizza right. Who here does not like Pizza. I like to have Pizza myself once in a while, but there are ways you can eat Pizza and not get fat. The trick is to built a better Pizza. That is healthy for you health, does not make you gain weight and is delicious at the same time. Not an easy task, but not an impossible one either.

Simple tip is, the next time you order Pizza, do not order the peperoni and extra cheese. Order the one with the most amount of veggies, as these low density calorie foods will make you feel full in no time all the while you are enjoying your pizza.

If you miss the meat in the Pizza then try chicken for a change. That would be much healthier for you and will not make you gain weight as it is relatively low on calories.

You can also order your Pizza in whole grain crust variety  rather than the white bread they use which has low fiber content.

If you fear that your friends might put you off from your weight loss goals. Why not turn the tables over. Bring them to the bandwagon as well. The bandwagon of eating healthy and staying energetic.

For example, as snacks, you can put out assorted raw vegetables along with some fruit and beans which can be supplemented with hummus. If your friends want to satisfy there salt cravings then use whole grain crackers or rice cakes.

You can also make your own sandwiches as I have explained before. Just remember to use whole grain bread along with lean chicken or turkey and whole lot of vegetables.

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