Most Fattening Foods

Is this what you crave in summers?

Most people think that by having salads (especially in summers) they will be able to lose weight without much problems and sure enough, salads are a great way to maintain and even lose weight. But there are things you need to know about how to lose weight. It is not just about eating salads.

Salads are mostly light, refreshing and a good way of fulfilling your requirements of lean protein. But you have to be careful about the toppings you choose. This light salad can go from being lean to highly fattening very quickly.

So what should you avoid?

High calorie dressings on these salads. Fried chicken stripes along with bacon and cheese are a big no no if you want to have a low calorie salad.

The best food items you can use for your salads are grilled chicken and slices of lean meat. Along with low fat cottage cheese and if you really want to add in some variety then eggs with tons of vegetables. Always make sure that the dressings you use are light in nature.

Snacks are probably the best way to lose excess amount of weight. Don’t get me wrong, a handful of snack will not do you any harm but munch on them regularly and in large portions then you can expect your weight to go up in relatively few days.

Snacks such as cheese and popcorn can give you from 160 to 600 calories. These include cheese puffs, cheese nachos and potato chips. They are high in calories and high in fats.

Try to snack on fruits and vegetables along with some low fat dairy. You can also have fat free popcorn as they are acceptable but do not go out and eat them all day.


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