My fast and simple weight loss solution

130 pounds (I hope not kilos!!) is being shown by the weighing machine

I hope my weighing scale was working ok

I just lost 5 pounds of weight in 2 weeks. Now I do not know if it was healthy or not, probably it was but here is how I did it. It was a pretty fast weight loss solution as I had to get fit for my soccer trials at my college.

I do love football and for that I need to keep fit all the time. Not just thin but healthy and fit too. For that I have to eat well, eat less and exercise more. Almost staying active all the time is a must for me otherwise I become too slow which becomes quite obvious when match days arrive on the weekends.

Anyway, back to my fast weight loss solution. Obviously, to achieve the extreme you have to do the extreme and that is what I did, my solution was just just a weight loss solution, it was a fast and simple weight loss solution.

It was a simple weight loss solution because all I did was implement the two golden rules of fast and simple weight loss and that is to eat less and exercise more. I did not concentrate on the latter as much as I would have liked because of my schedule but the eating part, I got that one bang on target.

It was a fast weight loss solution because I ate so few calories that I could feel the burn in my stomach most of the time throughout the day. To achieve this fast and as I said before, simple weight loss solution, here was my diet.

Breakfast for simple and fast weight loss solution:

400 grams of yogurt made from whole milk. It had about 300 calories. That I ate in the morning in order to give me a metabolic boost and put me on track to fast weight loss, not just weight loss.

Lunch for simple and fast weight loss solution:

2 or 3 Apples at about 2 pm in the evening. That makes about 200 calories. Good calories, lots of nutrients, some sugar and carbohydrates along with some fiber to further speed up my simple weight loss solution.

Dinner for simple and fast weight loss solution:

1 chicken breast piece. It was grilled. Search it on the internet if you want to, some call it “Chicken Tikka”. I think it was about 200-300 grams. The only piece of food item I ate for the whole day for which I do not know the approx calories.

But my guess is between 300-400 because of the marination and the oil in which it was cooked.

So that was all I ate all day. Ofcourse, for fast weight loss solution you have to be drinking water all day long and that is what I did religiously.

So how many calories that makes for a fast weight loss solution, lets see:

300+200+400= 900 calories.

Sometimes I added a piece of bread into the dinner in order to get some carbohydrates, but only sometimes, for the sake of feeling full while on my fast weight loss solution, though I do think had I not done so I would have lost even more.

So there you. I just gave you my diet for fast weight loss solution which I followed for the past two weeks. The consequences of which I have yet to experience. I mean, I do not feel weak or anything. I did not exercise that much, that I must admit.

I don’t think one can run for 40 minutes while on a such a low calorie diet but next time, I will try that too in order to experiment and see the results.

According to most experts that might be a little too low but I think, desperate times call for desperate measures and for my fast weight loss solution I needed to make rapid changes and make them fast in order to keep my weight loss as simple as possible.

Do tell me how you liked my diet plan for two weeks? It was an experiment so what do you think about it? I am ll ears now, as always. Talk to me!!!

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