My Weekly Workout

Ok. I admit, I am really lousy head when it comes to doing exercise on a regular basis. I don’t know. I used to believe in exercise as a weight loss tool all my life till now.

I have read a couple of books on this and have asked some experts too. They say, that exercise burns so less calories and it alone cannot be depended on to loose weight. Exercise does burn calories no doubt but the amount of time it takes to burn of considerable amount of calories is just ridiculous. I have not calculated but it is for sure in hours.

Anything less than 20 minutes is useless. I am talking about cardio here, not weight lifting or playing tennis. Apparently, playing tennis also is not the ideal exercise to loose weight (or loose fat in other words) because it involves too much stop and start routines.

You know, you hit a shot, win a point and then walk up slowly to the other side of the court which gives you resting time in between more intense periods of actually playing the point.

Soccer is more suited to people who want to loose weight and loose fat through exercise as you constantly have to move throughout the 90 minutes.

Anyway, coming back to the benefits of exercise to loosing weight. One thing I think I should clear up is that apart from loosing weight, exercise is a superb tool to maintain your weight, your general well being. It helps you to stay alert for longer periods of time, you feel more energetic throughout the day and your joints stay in good shape. You stay in good shape.

The conclusion I arrived to after some sessions (rather long sessions) of reading was that to loose weight you have got to control your food intake. Your body burns about 2000 calories a day and if you do not consume anywhere close to that, you will make quite a deficit in your calorie intake and calorie burnt accounts which ultimately will lead you to loose weight.

One author wrote that to stay thin you have got to eat less but to stay in shape you have got to exercise. Now having this mindset now (knowing that I am not using exercise as a tool to loose weight), my weekly workout (I call it a workout, basically it is nothing but a bunch of random activities) is as follows:

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: 30 minutes soccer

Wednesday: Weight training with dumbells (I do just the biceps, triceps and some calf exercises)

Thursday: Lunges (with dumbbells in both hands)

Friday: 30 minutes soccer

Saturday: 30 minutes soccer

Sunday: 30 minutes cardio (little jogging. Generally I do not get my heart beat rate above 150)

You might notice that I never do two things on the same day. Though most experts recommend to do weights and then cardio each day for 3 or 4 days a week. I have just lost some faith in that.

Obviously, I will keep on reading more about this. There is a lot of confusion about how to loose weight and stay in shape, out there. I will be posting as soon as I get a grip on something new and interesting.

For now, just know the same old formula I told you in my first post. Eat less. Exercise more. Though I am now, not so sure about the exercise more part when it comes to loosing weight. Obviously, you should exercise if you want to have  a reasonably good shape.

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