My Weight Loss Story & Weight Loss Solutions

weight loss solutionsLet me share with you people my weight loss story (which probably is not a perfect one, but nonetheless pretty useful and has some awesome weight loss solutions). I weighed almost 97 kgs at one point when I was an undergraduate student. You know what a students life is like, especially if one is in an engineering or medical discipline. You just sit all day, pushing pencils through paper doing work, work and some more work and by the time you finish, it always gets finished late in the night.

In fact, your academics does not get finished (is what I have experienced) at any point in time and it is only you who decides if you really want to stop or not. I was fat, slow and lazy. I always wanted to play football for my University team but could not, as I could not run fast therefore could not compete with the much tougher, quick, and slimmer opponents. Even when I was 19, I had knee problems and numerous ankle problems throughout my University career as the amount of stress my body put on my ankles was just too great for my ankles to handle and thus, I had ligaments(tough tissue connecting body parts such as joints or cartilage) problems all the time.

Impact of Weight On College/University Life

But my worries did not end there. That was the small part that I was almost disadvantaged at every sport I tried to play at college (namely football, cricket and tennis). One of my biggest worry was the clothing. Clothes kept on getting tighter and tighter and I had to buy new ones not because my clothes got old or worn out but because they just did not fit anymore. All this time I never had noticed that something could be wrong with my eating habits or general lifestyles.

My mother kept on telling me that I looked fine and that I had a bigger body frame (you know, big boned people) than my friends and that is the reason why I over weighed so much. My waist was crossing 40 inches and for a guy of my height, that was a bit too much.

And lets not forget PEOPLE. PEOPLE who humiliate fat people (something which I never do, now that I have lost weight) and make fun of fat people. I always thought that yes I was fat but I was not that fat, for people to call me a fatso or things like that was not justified (I think). I recall a moment during my college years when I sat on a chair (extremely shabby one) and it broke. Now whether the chair broke because of my weight or because of its poor condition, nobody gave any consideration (or a thought) to that, everybody just wanted to make a scene out of it and thus I got made fun of again.

I could go on with EVENTS like these that happened throughout my college career and most of my University career but obviously that would take quite unnecessary space and time. I basically had no one by my side during these times and I just had to face what I had to face all by myself. My dad was not too happy with my weight either. He was tired of spending money on my clothes time and time again just because they did not fit me anymore.

Not to mention low energy levels throughout the day even with very little motion (at that I thought, the more you move, the more tired you get). By the way, during these times I was doing well in my studies so it’s not like everything was going wrong because of my weight problems.

I remember when I first started to give my physical condition a real serious thought. It was a typical summer and I had a whole 3 month off. I decided that the only thing I am going to do this summer is to lose weight. No matter how, but I knew I had to (now I realize that this is not necessarily the best attitude when you want to lose weight and keep it off).

Search for Weight Loss Solutions and Programs

Anyway, from day one I started to read extensively about weight loss solutions. I read several e-books and watched some shows on TV. I wanted to get an idea of how hard it really is to lose weight and since I had plenty of time, I was not in so much of a hurry so as to believe everything I read. I cross checked weight loss solutions a lot and only did what I thought made sense to me.

I went for the hardest way there is to losing weight and that is to eat less and exercise more. Counting calories was the key. I ate far fewer calories and tried to burn as much as I could. I run myself to the ground and came back and ate an apple with one glass of low fat milk. That was it. As a result I lost 1-2 kg per week for 3 months and there I was, at my target weight of 72 kgs.

But this was not nearly as easy as I made it sound. During my weight loss process I tried to look for weight loss solutions that could work for me in a way that I wanted them to work. I mean, I did not like the idea of eating six meals a day to keep my metabolism fairly high (though now, I think it is probably the better way provided you can control you calorie intake) and I did not like to run at a target heart rate so that I was burning fat at optimal rate. When I ran, I ran freely. As fast as I wanted and as long as I wanted (some books I read recommended not to run more than 60 minutes because then the body gets used to running and it is not as useful as it is when you break your workouts to 2 sessions of 30 minutes rather than one long 60 minutes session).

I did not want to go for medical weight loss solutions. Surgery, pills and supplements were also not on the table because I wanted to do it in a natural way.

I did not have an OFF days. No binging and used to skip meals once or twice in a week or two just to speed up the process. This, now I hear is not recommended but mostly I have read, it is not recommended because once you skip a meal, you are almost sure to binge at the next meal whereas I had great motivation and self control.


I took my meals one at a time so if I skipped a meal, I skipped the meal. I did not think about it afterwards and took the next meal as if I had eaten the previous meal. I used to do my exercise mostly in early mornings as it boosts your metabolism for the whole day and the body, sort of a, come into a fat burning mode and keeps on burning fat throughout the day as compared to exercising at night and going to sleep afterwards (during sleep, the metabolism slows down).

Another advantage of doing exercise in the morning is that it gives you a boost in energy for the whole day and you can really work with a lot of concentration and vigor. Consistency was the key. Being consistent is the single most important, basic and difficult thing to do to achieve anything in my opinion.

Calorie Intake

My calorie intake (I think) was between 1000-1500 calories and I burned like 200-500 exercising. I jogged early in the morning for 20 minutes at least at a pace that I could sustain for that amount of period, did some weight training in the middle of the day (bought some cheap dumbbells)  and capped it off with some soccer at night. No matter how hard I exercised, I never increased my intake of food.

Results after 3 months

I felt good about myself after 3 months of hard work. I have to say, there are lots of easier weight loss solutions for losing weight than my ways. I was just so motivated and wanted to so bad that I just did not feel any pain or difficulty in doing what I did. I basically changed my lifestyle rather than just eating habits.

After those 3 months. I felt really light. Could play any sport I wanted to without any pain in the knees or the ankles. Bought new clothes for my new 32 in waistline and for once felt good about myself. My self confidence increased drastically.

As my university started I tried to keep the same routine but could not. As an undergraduate student I had so much studying to do that I just could not incorporate exercise or dieting or other weight loss solutions into my schedule but I kept on fighting. I exercised whenever I had the time (which was rare) but still gained 5 kgs in the next 8 months while I was at university before another 3 month summer holidays came my way.

I thought I would again lose it all but this time it was a lot harder as I just could not sustain eating so little and exercising. During this time I researched alot on finding easier ways to lose weight and guess what? There are many ways of loosing weight much easier than the way I choose before.

Using these new weight loss solutions I was still able to lose weight, but much slowly. It was much easier and I could relax a lot, do my work and not feel beat up 24 hours a day. The first time I lost weight, I could barely do anything else apart from my workout sessions. Now I enjoy a healthier lifestyle without making any huge sacrifices. My body feels relaxed and healthy.

I really hope you can try some of the weight loss solutions that I did.

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