Protein as a quick weight loss solution?

Huge chicken rolls to help you with your proteins and fats.
Are you tempted to bite each of them to death?

A lot of physical fitness gurus and especially body builders would advise you to add alot of proteins into your diet if you want to improve your health and increase your fitness level. That is not entirely true.

Protein does make you strong. Extra does not.

For quick weight loss solution, your body needs very specific amount of food at very specific times in very specific ratios. It is fairly simple but takes some getting used to.

For a start, a simple weight loss solution would be to take the majority of your calories from proteins. That is what I have been reading in the latest prints of some of the books on health.

What are the best source of protein?

Obviously at number 1 is the people’s favorite chicken. Chicken is the best source of protein you can get if you know how to eat it. Yeah, you do know how to take a fork and eat a chicken piece but for fast weight loss solution you should give some consideration to the way you prepare it.

As a rule of thumb, everything fried is out. You cannot eat fried foods. Whether chicken or anything else. Eat it grilled or as a steak. I prefer steaks with no sausages over it. Just a little bit of salt and that is it.

High protein, low calorie chicken at your service that will make you feel satisfied for longer and of course will help you get rid of that fat and turn it into muscle if you care to exercise a little.

Red meat is also great as a protein source but it has got a lot of fat content in it so you really need to be well versed in how to obtain the best cut of the meat from the shopkeeper. I would say, you make red meat a no no for quick weight loss as we want our weight loss solution to be simple weight loss solution.

For simple and fast weight loss solution exclude read meat from your diet and add white chicken.

If you get fed up with chicken then fish is also a wonderful alternative with much less fat and more protein. Low calorie food which also provides you with food fats that your body wants to have. Red snapper is the one I like the most, it has the perfect balance of protein and fats in it.

If you want to add even more variety to your diet you can have EGG WHITES. Egg white, like chicken, is the best and most complete form of protein in the whole wide world. It has got zero fat virtually. All you have to do is to take the yolk out and eat the white stuff.

For fast weight loss it is important that you take appropriate amounts of proteins with low fat foods. The egg has majority of its calories and cholesterol in the yellow yolk. The proteins are split evenly between the white and the yolk.

I used to eat 6 whites a day when I was on my fast weight loss diet. There are tons of recipes that you can try with egg whites. Scrambled, boiled, fried (in non stick spray, not oil) or an omelet. Or any other way you like it.

Remember, proteins are a must if you want to loose weight fast. Not just loose weight, but loose fat. As I have told you countless times before, it is the fat in our body that we want gone through simple weight loss solutions, we do not want to get rid of our muscles or any other stuff in there.

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