Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Here are 3 snacks that you can eat and not have to worry about calories or any of that stuff. You can easily have these as these food items form the ideal weight loss solutions. We all know, what ideal weight loss solutions are. These are solutions that help you lose weight and gain health in the process.

Otherwise, you can just go the celebrity way and not eat anything for days in order to lose weight. But that weight loss is meaningless as, after a while when you do start to eat, you gain all the weight back. The weight you gain back is mostly fat, as your body keeps on decreasing its metabolism when you do not exercise and keep on eating less.

If you exercise and still eat less, then that is the ideal condition but mark my words, it would take the discipline of a world class athlete to do that day in day out.

Anyway, without further a due, here are the 3 snacks you WOULD WANT to eat between meals in order to keep your hunger at bay:

  1. Pistachios. Do not just run away or stop reading this post just because of the preconceived ideas you might have with regards to pistachios. Pistachios do have high fat content but these are good fats. Your body needs them. Most of the fat is unsaturated. You can easily rack up 20 of these and still not cross 80 calories. Isn’t it just great. Apart from that, they have rich deposits of protein, fiber and some very important vitamins and minerals. Just eat them without adding any salt, that can get the sodium level high in your body and you do not want that at all.
  2. Eat more bananas. If you do not like bananas, then try frozen bananas. Slice them and then freeze them. Insert a Popsicle stick if you want to add more creativity. Put that into the freezer and after a very short time you would have a low calorie treat which you can enjoy. This would give you around 80 calories, that is something you do not get in your regular treats.
  3. Tomato soup is another 100 calorie snack that you should try out. It is full of nutrients and has 74 calories in a single cup. That is super low given that tomato soup gives you some very important disease fighting  nutrients. It has no cholesterol and very little fat. Just be sure you are not buying the cream of tomato variety, that is a bit high in calories. Also watch out for sodium high varieties. You want to keep that sodium low in your body which I just mentioned 2 minutes ago. Ok, 1 minute ago.

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